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How-To:- Replace the Gear Selector Bushes

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I decided to change the gear-shift selector bushes today, and seeing as there has been a great deal of interest in the request for a 'How-to...' , I thought I would create one.

Job Duration: 1 hour
Tools required: Jack(s)/ramps/axle stands, thin plain screwdriver, 10mm spanner or socket and rachet
Conclusion: Straight forward task that has a really noticeable improvement on the gear changes and does not cost a lot of money.
                      Well worthwhile!

First of all, get the rear end of the car off the ground by means of ramps or a couple of jacks with the addition of axle stands.


Now remove the undertray using the 10mm spanner/socket


Here are the two gear shift selectors. The bottom one is forward drive, and the top is reverse.



Now remove the safety clip/pin on the top, and slide the bush off the pinion.



Using the thin plain screwdriver (and a bit of force) remove the original bush.



Upon inspection mines were pretty worn!




When the original bushes were out, I cleaned the bush/bearing housing, original washers and pinion. I also sprayed a bit WD40 on the pinion to aid the insertion of the new bearing. Once this was done I fitted the new bearing in the housing. It wouldn't fit first attempt, so I had to gently chap the bearing in the housing with my rachet!


At this point I had to bore out three 5mm diameter repair washers to 7-8mm by using a drill. I then used a grinder/wire buff to remove any excess shards of the washer to ensure a perfect fit.




I then fitted the washers, the new bearing and the safety/security pin.




I then repeated these steps for the reverse (top) gear-shift selector bush/bearing.
Here is the finished article!


Hope this has helped.


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