Info:- Auto Gearbox Modes Part 1:

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The automatic gearbox on the mk2 has 3 options

1 - No button pressed . this is normally used for everyday driving

2- PWR button de-pressed . this changes the relative kick-down position . the box will tend to change down the gears more readily at the same throttle position . it also holds each gear till a higher rpm . used for spirited driving

3 - MANU button de-pressed . this is used when fewer gear changes are desired , for eg motorway driving . the gearbox will select a higher gear ratio for the same throttle settings in normal mode

The gearbox can be made to pull away in 2nd gear , useful for icy , snowy conditions . select MANU mode and 2nd gear

The overdrive switch is located on the gear lever . this is in effect a 4th gear and is usually selected under normal driving conditions . IE overdrive on , no light on dash


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