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How To:- Remove the Intake Manifold (late 3S-GE)

I decided to do this article, as I found it extremely hard to find any info on how to remove my inlet manifold. I removed it for cleaning however in the future I think I will paint it as polishing it didn't come out all that well!!

The Tools Needed:

12mm socket.
10mm socket.
Socket extension bar.
6mm allen key.
Adjustable spanner.

Step 1:
Remove your Induction Kit, on mine this was done by undoing the jubilee clip holding it on. If you have a stock air intake please see the other KY2 for removing this.

Step 2:
Using a 12mm Socket and the extension bar remove the 4 bolts that hold the Throttle Body on the manifold. I gave mine a LIGHT knock with a hammer and it came straight off after removing the bolts. remove the 2 vacuum lines that go to the manifold at this point too. remember where they go! the rest of the vacuum lines can all stay in place as they don't obstruct the manifold.

Step 3:
Remove the brackets holding the throttle cable in place and also remove the pipe that comes up from the EGR Valve (if you have one). This is all done with the 12mm socket, also remove the bracket holding the vacuum lines this is done with the 10mm socket. The below picture should make this clearer....

Step 4:
Using a 12mm socket remove the bolt holding the manifold to the head in the top left hand corner near the EGR valve.

Step 5:
Remove the black plastic that holds the ignition leads in place, 10mm socket for all 3 bolts.

Step 6:
Remove the ignition leads from the plugs and pull them all out the way.

Step 7:
Remove the ACIS cover, use a 12mm socket for the 2 nuts and 10mm socket for the bolts.

Step 8:
Undo the 3 bolts using the 6mm allen key, if you value your knuckles be careful at this point. (i was dripping blood on the floor for quite some time!!!!)

Step 9:
Remove the pipe going onto the ACIS valve on the near side.


Step 10:
Remove Pipe on off side going in just below ACIS chamber. (the larger black one not the blue one from this pic)



Step 11:
Ensure everything you have taken off is clear and lift the manifold, the 2 studs sticking out the top of the ACIS will remain in place and the manifold just slides up them.

And hey presto!


Remove the foam if needed for cleaning.

Neil Ross

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