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How To:- Replace Your Alternator

For all you guys out there who are sick of paying garage labour prices, Replacing an alternator what a doddle I thought, I won't pay a mechanic to do something I can do. So I decided to do it myself.

Always disconnect the battery before starting the job.

1. Firstly, you need to make as much room as possible for yourself to work. Remove the drivers side engine panel by undoing the two cross headed screws and the 10mm earth bolt. The panel will come away and allow far better access. Also undo the bolts holding the diagnostic plug and alarm siren in position and move them to one side. This will give room to slide your arm down and release the alternator tensioner. This is a long bolt that is 10mm. This connects to the top alternator fixing and allows you to tension the belt.

2. Jack the car up and remove the plastic under tray by undoing the 4 x 10mm bolts. This gives limited access to the bottom of the alternator allowing you to see the bottom alternator fixing. This is a 14mm bolt that you need to undo and remove. This will allow the alternator to be removed. Wiggle it free of the bracket and manoeuvre it so you can unplug the wiring harness and unbolt the 10mm cable that is fixed to the back.

3. Once the alternator is loose, move it out of the way as it is now time for the hard part. The bracket that holds the alternator in place needs to be removed to allow you to withdraw the alternator from the engine bay. This bracket is held on with 5 14mm bolts. Two can be seen form the underneath of the car and removed with relative ease. the hard part is the 3 bolts that have to be felt and loosened off blind from the top of the engine. slide your arm down the back of the engine and you will be able to feel the 3 bolts that attach into the side of the block. removing them is a nightmare I did it by first putting the socket on the nut and then sliding the extension bar and ratchet down the back of the engine bay and wiggling it onto the socket. It takes time and patience rounding these bolts is the worst case scenario.

4. Once the bracket is loose, withdraw it from the underneath around the suspension and drive shaft. Once this is done you can remove the alternator through the top of the engine bay.

5. To refit the alternator be sure to put the new one back into the space behind the engine before refitting the bracket. The fit the alternator back is the revere of the removal.

Tips - Remove the rear driver side wheel to help with access and always disconnect the battery. I had my alternator refurbished for £70 instead of paying 250 for a new one.

Hope this helps guys. Any questions PM me.


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