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Info:- 3S-GTE / 5S-FE Engine Compression

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Compression Pressure:

3S-GTE 11.5kg/cm^2 (164psi, 1,128kPa) or more.. with 9.0kg/cm^2 (128psi, 883kPa) as a MINIMUM

5S-FE 12.5kg/cm^2 (178psi, 1,226kPa) or more..with 10.0kg/cm^2 (142psi, 981kPa) as a MINIMUM

Difference between each cylinder:
1.0kg/cm^2 (14psi, 98kPa) or less

If the cylinder compression in one or more cylinders are low, pour a small amount of engine oil into the cylinder through the spark plug hole and repeat check for cylinders with low compression.

If adding oil helps the compression, chances are that the piston rings and/or cylinder bore are worn or damaged.

If pressure stays low, a valve may be sticking or seating is improper, or there may be leakage past the gasket.

Torque needed on spark plugs to reinstall them:

180kg/cm (13ft/lb, 18N/m)


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