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How To:- Change Gear Cables and fit Gear Cable Bearings

First of all I have to say, for anyone with a Mk2 I can strongly advise you to do this mod. I got the bearings from SBits for about £10 and it has made the world of difference to my gear change. Feels so much more solid and definate now (like a proper sports box should). Once you take out the old rubber bushings and see how flexible they are you'll see why this makes a difference.

Another word of advice. If you want new cables be ready to shell out a lot of money. I got a price of £140 per cable plus £38 for some extra part I 'needed' but they couldn't tell me what it was. 

I got mine 2nd hand off a member for £22. Cheers Mad1 

It really is an easy job. It took me about 1.5 hours but could easily be done in less.

OK lets get started.

First of all the cause of all my problems, my snapped shifter cable

Job one is to remove the old cables. Undo these from the shifter. One is a nut and one is a split pin.

To get to this you need to remove the centre console. There are 4 screws holding the cubby box on at the back and 6 holding the centre console on (there are guides showing how to do this so I won't bother here)

Prise off the cable retaining clips. These were on damn tight on mine.

Unbolt the 10mm cable holder.

Unbolt the rubber grommet in the bulkhead

Get the cables out of this

Then you have to get the car jacked up and on some axle stands. You can do this from leaning in the top but I think it is much more difficult that way.

You have to locate the gearbox where the gear cables attach which is by the rear passenger wheel.

Remove the 2 retaining split pins and KEEP THEM SAFE. Here one is undone and the other is still in place. Then prise out the cable retaining wedges (I had to get underneath and hit these with a hammer and screwdriver as they were really tight on there)

The cables can then be pulled out from the cockpit end.

You can see the reason for the gears feeling squishy in this picture. Its only thin rubber that fills in the space in the ring that attaches to the selector and this gets easily worn away.

If you are only fitting new cables then you can stop here, replace the new cables and reverse the removal process. Make sure you new cables have the same coloured tape on the stick end. This ensures you are going to replace them with the same length. Turbos and NA's are different.

If you're gonna fit the gear selector bearings the carry on from here.

Next you have to get the old rubber bushes out of the ends of the cables. This can be a bit of a bugger but with a bit of WD40 and a screwdriver it didn't cause much trouble.

Make sure you sand the inside of the ring because the bearings are a really tight fit and even the slightest bit of dirt will cause problems later on.

The kit comprises of 2 sets like this. This order you put them on is small, large, bearing, large, small, small etc

I rethreaded the new cables back through the bulkhead,did them all up and refitted the centre console at this point.

Getting back under the car it's just a case of sliding the washers over the gear selectors in the correct order.

You can see here the selector is done and the shifter is about to get its shiney new bearing.

Ready to go on.

In place

And finally all done up like a kipper.

Both in place nice and secure

Don't forget to do up all your bolts nice and tight and make sure those cable retaining wedges are in nice and secure.

Then you're all ready for a much more pleasant driving experience 

I hope this guide is clear enough. It really is an easy job and anyone with basic tools and a jack & stands can do it. It feels 10x better than it did (like a new gearbox) and has sorted out any problems my car had going into gear.

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