How To:- Do an Oil change

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What you need:
Oil (4-4.5 litres.)
Sump plug gasket
Receptacle to catch used oil
Oil filter wrench

Have the car on level ground.
If, your cars not lowered then you can get to the sump plug without having to jack the car up. It's located behind the driver's side rear.

Run the car for a little bit to warm the oil slightly (don't get it HOT) as it will drain easier/quicker

Undo sump plug, try not to drop it in the container and let the oil drain.
If your car is lowered then you need to remove the axle stands and lower the jack so the car sits flat, this will allow all the old oil to drain.

When it trickles, remove oil filter (can be done by hand) but probably need a filter wrench (or if ceased then you need to drive a screw driver through it and use it for leverage. If you still have problems run a fine blade around the rubber gasket to break the seal.)

Once removed clean up surrounding area. Dry test fit the filter so you know how it mounts.
Put some fresh oil into the filter about half, smear oil on the rubber sealing gasket, and mount the filter hand tight.

All the old oil should have drained by now, clean sump plug area,
use new gasket and reinstall the sump plug.

Do not over tighten as you can shear the thread.

Place a clean rag around the oil fill neck and using a funnel, put new oil in and keep checking the level using the dipstick.
about 4-4.5 litres.

But keep checking.

Run the car and check for any leaks,

Check oil level again and top up as necessary.

Go have a cuppa and relax.
Now take the used oil and filter to your council dump where it will be dealt with properly. Go take the car for a spin.


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