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How To:- Fit an Induction Kit.

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Tools required

10mm spanner, 10mm/12mm sockets and long extension bar, cross point and flat blade screwdrivers, pliers.

Reference image in case you forget where things belong!

1. Start by removing the side engine bay panel. This is held by 2 cross point screws. An earthing lead is also attached to the panel. Using a 10mm spanner, remove the securing bolt holding the earth lead in place. The panel will detach from its retaining clips when you gently lift the panel at either end.

Tip. Keep your thumb or finger on the edge of the panel nearest the back window. This will prevent you from chipping the paint on the panel if it catches the engine lid when the panel pops free.

2. With the panel removed, you now have unrestricted access to the stock filter assembly. It is not necessary to remove the strut brace (where fitted).

3. The air intake temperature sensor is hidden below the flap in the following image. It simply pulls free with the help of a gentle wiggling action.

4. Look carefully between the largest triangular shaped intake box and the intake pipe and you notice a bolt head. This needs to be removed to allow the intake hose to separate easily from the stock air filter box lid.

5. Now undo the retaining clips at either end of the intake hose.

6. You will see a pipe that enters the side of the intake hose. Squeeze the retainer clip and pull the pipe free.

Important. This pipe is not the crankcase breather. If you intend to fit your own intake pipe, either refit this pipe or fit a proper micro filter to it. A crankcase filter will cause the engine to idle poorly as is will restrict this essential vacuum line.

7. You can now withdraw the intake hose complete with its intake (resonator) boxes.

8. Feel around the outside edge of the air filter box and you'll locate the 4 spring clips that keep the lid on.

9. Lift out the stock air filter.

10. Now remove the 3 bolts holding the air filter box base.

11. The final resonator box can now be removed. There are 3 nuts holding it in place. 1 is obvious, 1 is below the right side and a hard to spot nut is next to the fuel filler neck (see photo inset). Not all induction kits require you to remove this resonator box, but with it in situ, it's difficult to add a cold air feed. This is covered later on.

12. You can see why the stock airbox is considered to be restrictive. All air entering the engine is sucked through this box.

13. All stock components have now been removed. Note that the wall is visible through the side intake. Try to position your induction kit as close to this vent as possible. It is essential to get as much cool air to the filter as possible to maximise the potential power gains.

14. I have elected to reuse the stock intake hose at this moment in time. You can replace it with a 70mm internal diameter hose (Samco sport for example) if you wish.

15. When the stock airbox is removed, your intake hose will flop around as the airbox lid used to provide its support. Most induction kits will provide you with a mounting bracket to overcome this problem, either bolting to the filler neck bracket or 1 of the bolt holes left by the old airbox base.

A replacement jubilee clip complete with a bolt hole attachment makes adding a support bracket a lot easier.

16. Make sure you refit your air temperature sensor into the hole provided in the induction kit. If it's a loose fit, remove and reuse the grommet located in the stock airbox lid.

17. The induction kit is now secured in place. Take time to direct as much cool air to your new filter as possible. The key is getting air from the side vent up to the induction cone. The side vent is normally 12-18 inches below the filter.

18. A pair of cold air feeds positioned just inside the side vent will be very effective at maximising the air flow to the filter. Ducting pipe is stocked by all good car accessory stores. A couple of cable ties work a treat at keeping them firmly in place.

19. Job done! Take a few moments to check everything is reconnected and tightly secured. Fire up the engine and enjoy your new found induction roar!!

Peter Jones.

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