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Info:- Ignition Lock Problem

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I thought I'd write a quick post regarding a problem I had with my ignition in case any else has the same issue.
It happened after I had moved the car and then went to move it again but could not turn the ignition on. The key would turn to the ACC position correctly but when you turn it after that nothing would happen.
The general concensus was that my ignition barrel was bust, so I manage to get my hands on another one.
I noticed that the one I got felt like it had exactly the same issue when holding it freely and turning the key, but regardless I thought I would swap it over with mine and see if it made a difference.  
So I disconnected the battery, took the trim off the bottom (4 screws, two clips), undid the the two 14mm bolts with side of the steering column which allowed enough free space to drop the steering column and ignition column down about an inch.
I then used a small allen key to push in the stop pin at the top of the ignition barrel (about 20mm from the front of it) and with the key in ACC position could pull the old barrel out and slot in the new one (also with the key in ACC position).
I put it all back together and still had exactly the same problem, key turns to ACC, but then after moves to the On and start positions with no resistance.  
So time to take a close look, drop the trim off once more and start wiggling different bits along the ignition column until I got the the end and felt that it was loose, and in fact could be pulled completely out of the ignition column, so I disconnected the battery once more (just to be safe) and tried pushing it in to the ignition column with one hand and turning the key with the other, and low and behold I now had the correct resistance feel to the key, stuck a bit of masking tape to hold it in position, reconnected the battery and the car came to life...
The moral of this story is try getting down and looking at all the visible parts before buying a replacement part!!
Incidentally, if this broke off whilst the car was running it probably would mean you wouldn't be able to stop the car!!
Hope this helps someone else with the same issue..


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