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How To:- 3rd Brake light for £15

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As I have a UK rev 1, the usual 3rd brake light mod using a new surround wasn't really an option, what with having to find one, more than likely respray it, and not having the loom. So i decided to put one in myself.
First, buy one off ebay, This seemed the best one as it looked more stylish than the rest

Then I removed the trim above the rear window and cut a small slot to accept the support strut on the light, you have to go back a fair way to allow the light to clear the window, this pic gives some idea how far back you need to trim, be careful because as you remove some of the webs the trim panel becomes quite flimsy as these give it support.

Once fitted, feed the wire up (I cut a little nick to allow this) and away, then bond the light to the trim using araldite, tape up using a swiss army knife and medical tape.

Once the light has set, leave overnight to be sure.. Remove the pass side qtr panel and the speaker trim to gain access to the loom going up and into the rear, find the green/white wire and scrape a bit of sheathing off and use a multimeter to check for 12v when the brake pedal is pushed

Feed the wire all the way down and splice it into this wire and connect up the earth, Put all the trim back and hey Presto!! a 3rd brake light.



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