How To:- Auto Up Mod for Drivers Window

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Right... well I was pondering this little mod for a while seeing as it is supposed to be easy!

So... off I went to the car and popped out the drivers side window/mirror controls... this is easy, but be careful not to rip the door covering. Start at the thin end (nearest the hinge) it will pop out, and then bring out the bottom end.
Disconnect the two large connectors in the 'usual fashion'. This will give you a portable set of window/mirror controls for you to amble into the house with proudly! (well I did!)

Right.. after clearing some space on the desk (wiping arm across desk to the sound of crashing things works) you will have this... (sans keyboard prolly)


Right.. take it apart by locating the 3 large screws (silver) and undoing them (keep em safe!) with a phillips screwdriver... this will separate the main switches from the panel... put the panel to one side... one will need this later ;)

Right... now you need to get the grey bit of plastic off from the bottom, this is held in by the bits of sticking out white plastic... you can prolly see what I mean... a little bit of surrepticious (ooh long word and prolly not spelt right!) tugging lol and it should come away.

Hopefully you wont do what I did and take off the top black bit too... lose one of the little springs... spend 30mins looking for it.. and then luckily finding it again... hence I have three bits in the following pic... you should just have two.. (the white n black bit combined and a grey bit)



Now, putting the grey bit to one side... you should be able to see the circuit board on the white bit



A close up of circuit board reveals these two blanked out bits (if you squint underneath you can see the symbol for a diode)... the bits are blanked and in my piccy I have desoldered them so they are holes...



Then because it would have been a pain in the ass to solder the diode on the right way around... soldered it onto the back... make sure you note the orientation of the diode... grey line on it is towards the top of the image... get this wrong and it wont work :P (luckily I didnt.. and it did work, yippee!)


OK... with me so far? Excellent!

Right... on the black bit (see previous photo) you will see on the drivers window switch, right at the bottom of the switch are two little plastic tabs... these stop the switch from being able to be clicked upwards... take these off... I used a penknife... stanley knife.. or as my good friend Nik mentioned to me on MSN.. junior hacksaw :P

Now just pop it all back together again... reverse of before... and slide it back into the car.. bottom end first.. narrower end should clip in last (after you popped the connectors back on)

Voila! press button once... window goes down.... pull up once... window goes up!


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