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How To:- Change the colour of your dash lights

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OK so your fed up with you white dash back light and want something different but don't want to have to put in LED's or change the dials!

I was sitting in my mates dads Audi A6 and noticed how cool his red dash looked and wanted it.
But if your lazy like me or just can't solder or (again like me) don't want to take you dials off in case you put them back on in the wrong place and upset everything, then this is for you!

So far I have found only 3 colours you can do this with red, blue and white (there maybe more out there)

You will need to take you dash clocks out of the car, my camera doesn't work and there are lots of people who tell you how to get them out, but basically its a case of removing 4 screws and taking out the plugs on the back!

Now you need to look at the back of the clocks when you got them out of the car Please see article "Replace dash lighting with LED's"  for a pic of what it looks like!

Now you need to remove the 5 big bulb holders and remove the bulbs. If you go to Halfords or TMC or somewhere they sell side lights and interior lights bulbs, you can 3 colours of bulbs that fit these bulb holders.
I've got red interior light in mine. Take a bulb holder with you and see which ones fit your holder then find the colour that you want (please don't worry if they say side lights they all work fine if there designed for inside or out!!!)
Then simply fit the new bulb in your holder replace it in your dash clocks and re-fit your clocks and there you have it red dash back light, if you have a UK car you can adjust the brightness to suit youself and in the very dark the red does look very nice with the black clocks!

I did this because I didn't want to upset my clocks needles by changing the dials or mess about with LED's to get the same affect. I wanted to be able to change blown bulbs easily if needed! Looks good, easy to do and if you sell the car the next bloke won't be annoyed if he can't change a blown bulb!


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