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How to:- Convert The Stock Boost Gauge To A Stock Voltmeter

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If, like myself, you have decided that by fitting an after market boost gauge, the stock one in the dash become rather redundant, you may wish to carry out this mod to install a stock voltmeter from a naturally aspirated car. I have tried to put this method together as this can the be undone at a later date should you wish to revert the car back to stock.

You will need...

1. Phillips Head Screwdriver
2. Short Length Of Wire, about 20mm long, stripped at both ends
3. Stock NA Voltmeter
4. Soldering Iron and wire

First step is to remove the speedo cluster. Now I could rewrite this but there is a fantastic guide in the Know Your 2 section already, found here CLICKY


Once they are out, you need to gently pry off the clear screen and the black bezel to access the clock. Take care separating these apart as the tabs can be fairly brittle.

Next step is to undo the 2 screws holding the boost gauge in place followed by the rev counter. This will expose the PIM circuit board required to control the boost gauge. Be careful when doing this as you do not want to damage the printed circuit film.


Unscrew the board from the dash cluster by removing the 4 screws in the rear of the dash. The circuit board will then unslot from the dash plastics


Looking at the back of the board (looking directly at the screw holes) from the left you need to solder the length of wire between the second and fourth pins. What this does is bridges the SE port on the Rev counter directly to the Voltmeter.


Reinstall the PIM board, only securing the 2 pins you have bridged


Take the new voltmeter and secure it into place using the 2 screws removed when taking the boost gauge out. Then reinstall the Rev Counter using all 3 screws


Reinstall the plastic bezel and screen and the conversion is complete


The beauty of this conversion is that should you wish to reinstall the boost gauge, the bridge can be removed on the PIM board, all 4 screws replaced on this board and the voltmeter replaced with the boost gauge.



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