How To:- Fit a Replacement Gear Gaiter

The purpose of this step by step is to help you install the gear gaiter by Rhon (MR2OC)

Parts needed:
Small bulldog clips and/or small pegs.
Needle nose pliers
Bostik Universal Glue


Step One

There is a plastic housing that holds the gear gaiter, it has 2 spring like clips at the front. Lift up the front of the gear gaiter. If this hasn’t been removed before this may be very stiff. After the front has been removed the back of the gaiter surround will come away easily.



Step Two
Unscrew (anti clockwise) the gear knob and the remove the gear gaiter.

Step Three
Look at the bottom of the gaiter, you will notice one of the long edges is wider than the other. The top = Passenger side, Left = Front of the car, Bottom = Drivers side, Right = Back of the car



Use a knife to lift an edge on the passenger side. Then use some needle nose pliers to gently pull the leather away from the plastic surround.



Step Four
After you have about 25% removed, you can then just pull at the leather and it should come away from the plastic surround.



You then have separated the gear gaiter and the plastic surround.



There is another plastic part in the gear gaiter it is at the top of the gear gaiter. There is no point removing this part because the leather Rhon uses is thicker than the original and supports itself.

Step Five

Use the bulldog clips to position the new gear gaiter on the plastic surround



Once you have the leather positioned correctly, use the Bostik on the edges to stick the leather to the plastic surround. Apply the Bostik to the leather and then reapply the bulldog clips. Leave for 30 mins. Then you will need to stick the corners down. For this I used small pegs and Bostik, leave for 30 mins.



Step Six

Reverse the removal procedure. Insert the gear stick through the hole. Screw the gear knob back onto the gear stick.

Congratulation you have finished!




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