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How To:- Remove the Speedo/Tacho Cluster

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Since I couldn't’t find anything in Know your 2 that had pics (there are other text subjects on this matter by other members, good ones too I might add, there is also one,with pics, that is cracking, it shows how to do the lights in the heater controls), also that someone asked for one with pics to explain what's what so I took the liberty of compiling the following:

This job is straight forward and should (after practice) take no longer than 20mins from start to finish, i.e. first screw out to last screw in.First time might take you a tad longer, I’ve included pics of every step of the way, albeit I haven’t done the reconstruction side, as it’s just a case of reversal of what you do to take it apart.
You will also find that you don’t have to remove the gear knob and gaiter, I’ve done it for ease and for those that might be doing this on a MK2 for the first time, up to you how you go.

Have a little jar or container to put your screws in, and try to memorise where you took them out from as some screws are longer than others. Also lower your steering column to its lowest level, makes life easier.

Tools required for the job.............

Remove the ashtray..........

Now remove the gear knob...........

Then the gear gaiter (Tip: Lift the back end first, then pull up and away).................

Now unscrew the two screws as shown.........

Gently pull out the stereo and heater surround (Not all the way!!).........Disconnect the connectors to the cigarette lighter and the emergency flasher unit........
Now remove completely, the surround.........

Just under the cigarette lighter as shown, remove the screw........

Pull down the cover as shown..........
Opposite side of the Colum remove the other screw as shown........
Pull down the cover as shown...........

Remove the surround (Use of a small screwdriver might help pry it away at the point shown in the following pic if you find its stubborn, it should just pull out by hand BUT if you do use a "ikle" driver to remove, be gentle, you don't want a whacking great hole in your dash)

Once unclipped, pull out and down then slightly twist the whole lot to the right and pull, its quit flexible so don’t panic.
Now undo the for screws that surround the cluster see the following pics.......


Gently pull out the bezel
Carefully, insert a small flat screwdriver as shown if your having trouble pulling it by hand (The bezel, not what your thinking...lol) and prise open the Bessel above the cluster and remove downwards....

Now remove the cluster, pulling the bottom out first and tilt it up and out as you do so, you should now see the three connections as shown, remove them and pull out the cluster completely....

You should now have this in your hand, one instrument cluster (pic of the back)........
Now do whatever you need to do......... To replace bulbs, then these are the black, larger twist ones in the middle part of the cluster, just twist and pull out, the bulb is a "push fit" type, so you just need to pull on the bulb and it will pop out, replace with new bulb and refit (see pics, I'm using LEDs btw)

The smaller ones to the left and right are the warning lights.
If when you replace your bulbs, albeit  for LEDs or normal. If they don’t work (test by just connecting the cables back in without remounting the cluster completely) turn them by 180 degrees and that should sort the problem.

Refit everything in reverse order and when done you should end up with something like this.........


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