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How To:- Replace the Handbrake Cable.

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1. Jack the car up, Jacking points here! Ensure that you use axle stands to support the vehicle, remove the wheels.

2. Remove the under trays from the vehicle using a 10mm socket.

3. Follow the handbrake cable to the caliper and remove the spring clip located below the pin holding the cable end to the handbrake crank. This will just pull out with a pair of pliers.

4. Remove the pin from the handbrake crank, this may be seized in, depending on the age of your vehicle, it might be an idea to soak it overnight in penetrating oil, also cleaning with a wire brush can help. If it will not ease out you will need to tap it out with a hammer and punch.

5. Once the pin has been removed, undo the handbrake cable bracket from the caliper.

6. Follow the cable from the caliper end to the first bracket, when undoing make sure you use a 12mm spanner on the top nut to prevent the bracket from moving round whilst using the socket to undo it.

7. There is another bracket (oval shaped) further along which comes off with a 10mm socket.

8.A 10mm bolt also holds the third bracket.

9. The cable runs through a metal section to the ratchet, twist the cable to the side and it will pull out.

10. Your new cable should come with replacement brackets (mine from blueprint did) If not then you will need to remove the old brackets from the cable and clean them so they can be refitted. The bracket closest to the calliper is secured to the cable by a sliding clip, which just pulls off using pliers.

11. Reassembly: Starting from the handbrake ratchet end first making sure the cable is threaded through the correct holes and that the seals either side of the metal section are snapped into position.

12. Make sure all brackets are fitted correctly and are tight.

13. You will also have to loosen the adjuster on the ratchet to allow the cable bracket to bolt back onto the caliper. Connecting the cable to the caliper before reconnecting the bracket will also make this easier.

14. When it is all connected, pump the brake pedal a few times and then pull the handbrake up and down 3-4 times .if necessary adjust the ratchet so the handbrake pulls up about 4/5 clicks and that the wheels lock when turned by hand.

15. This is a very fiddly job if bolts etc. are seized, make sure you give yourself plenty of time and have lots of spray lube/wd40 available!!

16. It may also be worth cleaning and greasing the handbrake crank while you have the car in bits to stop it seizing in future. Also you should clean any other parts that look gritty / worn.

17. Make sure you have decent axle stands and are near a phone or if possible, get someone to help/ be nearby, you don't want the car to fall on you when you are working underneath it alone!!

James Sorley

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