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How To:- Adjust Your Parcel Shelf

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This is the problem - The shelf is supposed to hang on cords, so that when the roof is lowered, the shelf is lowered too, to make space for the roof to stow away.

In some cases, when the roof is up, the shelf is not pulled up high enough and looks odd - See below.


As I said - This is a real zero-spanner fix. The cord is connected to the roof frame with two webbing straps, secured by poppers. undo these to give yourself some slack. The shelf will drop to the 'roof-down' position.


Lift the front of the shelf, where the cord goes through a hole, and feed some slack cord through to see the knot.


Simply re-tie the knots slightly further up the string to raise the shelf to fit snugly under the plastic panel where the catch is located (there are 4 knots, but I only needed to do the middle two)  - Adjust and repeat to get to the correct level and pretty soon it should look like this -


Much better! See, I told you it was easy.


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