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How To:- Clean the Drainage Holes Behind the Rear Vents

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Tools required

  • Soft cloth,
  • Long nose pliers,
  • Short nose pliers
  • A blunt bladed instrument ( I used a cake slice )

Using the soft cloth to protect the paintwork, slip the blade behind the vent and lever forward using a slight twisting action. The first clip should pop free. 

You will be able to see the white clip behind the vent

Repeat this for the bottom then centre

Once the vent is off you will see the drainage hole with a little flap over it

Lift the flap and you'll see whether your vents are needing cleaned or not. Mine must have been done at some point as the middle clip on the drivers side vent was missing. I used a cotton bud to give them a wee clean.

Once removed, fit the clips onto the vent

When all three are done, replace the vent by slipping the back edge in first making sure the tabs are holding the vent tight, then push the front clips into the holes. Job done!

Ann Ripley

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