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How To:- Head light restoration

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Head light restoration - Make them look new again.

Are you headlights yellow? scratched? Look like dog turd?

Some very useful information to bring your tired headlights back to life... Sadly enough I can't take credit for it.  

Article here: forum 
Note: To give a better finish to the plastic, 2 extra polishing compounds were used *G10 course + fine*on top of the PlastiX. 

Other materials I used myself: 

As I had severe condensation from the seal on the lights perishing.

The lights were removed and using a heat gun working around the glue, the lights were slowly  disassembled.   Doing this gave access to polish the inside of the light unit, whilst giving the option to paint the inside of the light unit body colour or to whatever colour you desire.

To put the lights back together, heat the glue and it will become sticky once more.

Carefully put the light unit back together, and apply some fresh sealer keeping your light unit nice and dry. 

My finished light unit:


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