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How To:- Repair the Electric Aerial

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Right, having nothing much to do today, I thought that I would have a go at this today and take some pictures so that it may be of use to people in the future..

1. Remove the plastic inner wheel arch liner, self explantory really - normal lot of fiddly clips etc!

2. Once the inner liner is removed - look to your right and you will see this:


3. Unscrew the chrome surround at the top of the aerial and then unbolt the bottom as indicated in the picture above.

4. Motor removed, I unplugged the power because it gave a bit more room to work, but left the co-ax attached: This is the motor with the relevant screws removed:


5. Lift off the top once you have unscrewed it and you will see this gungy mess!


It all sort of sprang apart when I undid it!

6. This is the part of mine which had broken off:


7. Get a cigarette lighter and after wiping off the oil from the end of the remaining cog, burn it until it forms a lump i also added a bit of tape to help with the clunk noise


8. Put the round plastic bit back inside the cover and place the cogged plastic inside it.

Put it all back together again!

Imagine my disappointment after putting it all back on, that I switched the radio on and it didn't work.....do remember to plug the power back in!!

Obviously does not go up as far as before and makes a clunk noise when it goes up, but no longer requires a hand to get it down again!

 thanks Liz on the ROC site for this how to.

Richard (Rbuckingham)

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