Info:- Clarification of the law on window tints.

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Many thanks to Fimmo for the following article

As of January the 1st 2004 the laws concerning window tint level's were updated
Front windshields have to allow 75% light through them and must not be tinted lower than the as1 line on the windscreen (i.e 6 inches from the top)
Front side windows must allow 70% light through them.
Basically this means if you have glass that is factory tinted then you are road legal! if you put ANY tint on those windows, the tint combined with the tint already in the glass will make your front windows illegal.


Some people still insist on getting their front side windows tinted, nowadays most tinters will refuse to do this but some still do, they recommend 50%
tint as it's light and police dont seem to mind but it is still over the legal limit.
If you get 50% / 35% light/medium tint applied to the front side windows and the police catch you , you will be asked to remove it within 10 day's and to produce your car at the nearest vosa inspection office for them to agree the tint has been removed. NO FINE, NO POINT'S

If you have 20% dark tint or darker (i.e 5% limo) on the front side windows then you could be fined or you could have your car impounded or if your
lucky you will be given the chance to remove the tint there and then or get your car towed home. POSSIBLE FINE AND POINTS.

All rear windows are exempt from the new tint laws, so basically every window behind the driver, rear doors, quarters and the rear window can be
tinted as dark as you want!

Tinted windows are not going to be inforced with the mot test!

If you get your window's tinted then by law you are required to notify your
insurance as this is considered a modification.

Barry Fimister
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