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4A-GE = Engine code 1.6 Twin cam 16v

4A-GZE = Engine code 1.6 Twin cam 16v Supercharger

3S-FE = Engine code UK 2.0 16v Twin cam (economy)

5S-FE = Engine code USA 2.2 16v Twin cam

3S-GE = Engine code UK-Japan 2.0 16v Twin cam.

3S-GTE = Engine code Japan/USA 2.0 16v Twin cam turbo

1ZZ-FE = Engine code 1.8 vvti (MK3)

AW11 = Chassis code for the MK1 MR2

BEAMS = Name of the rare VVTi engined Revision 5 JDM NA's. Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanical System!

BGB = Big Green Book. Toyota's own service manuals

BHP = Brake Horse Power. Measurement of engine power

BOV = Blow Off Valve or better known as a dump valve, used on turbo charged cars.

Central Motor Works = Sub-contractor commissioned by Toyota Japan for the assembly of the Toyota MR2.

Drift = Popular Japanese driving technique, that involves driving around and linking corners of a track with the rear wheels spinning.

ECU = Electronic Control Unit. These are the 'electronic brains' of modern cars. Via it's network of sensors, it can control key engine systems. It also constantly monitors it's systems in case a fault or unusual occurrence happens. It stores this information. Check here for more information

EPC = Electronic Parts Catalogue. The software Toyota use to identify part numbers.

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

FWBHP = Flywheel Wheel BHP. Popular reference for engine power. Can only be accurately measured on a engine dyno (engine removed), but a rolling road can guestimate this figure by calculating the energy absorbed by the transmission by allowing the car to slow down on the rolling road on it's own.

JDM = Japanese Domestic Market. Products built for use in Japan.

MR2 = What exactly does MR2 mean? Some believe it refers to the cars design. After all the layout is a Mid engined, Rear wheel drive, 2 seater. In Japan the MR2 is actually named after the design concept of the car.. They refer to it as a Midship Runabout 2 seater!

Moonroof = Japanese for a Sunroof!

Mr T = Toyota dealer

NA = Normally aspirated. Look HERE for more information.

PCD = Pitch Circle Diameter. See HERE for more information

PS = Measurement of engine power used in Japan. 1ps = 1.0138bhp .

RWBHP = Rear Wheel BHP. Primary measurement given by a rolling road (or dyno). This is the actual engine power at the wheels. See FWBHP.

Rev (1,2,3,4,5) = Revision number. Describes the 5 different MK2 phases of MK2 production. See HERE for more details

SC = Super Charger. As used on the JDM Mk1.

Speed cut = Found on JDM cars. Limits cars top speed to 180 kph.

SST = Special Service Tool. A range of special tools made by Toyota that are required to complete certain tasks. Often a resourceful mechanic can improvise. In some cases basic workshop tools work perfectly

SU = Super unleaded. Fuel of choice for owners of
Turbo charged and Super charged models. It's higher octane (97-98 ron) is closer to the 100ron used in Japan. Helps avoid detonation.

SW20 = Chassis code for the MK2 MR2

TRC = Traction Control. Extremely rare optional extra on models built for the JDM.

TRD = Toyota Racing Development. Toyota subsidiary (Toyota Technocraft) that manufactures upgraded performance parts and special conversions.

TTE = Toyota Team Europe. Toyota's motorsport specialist. TTE responsibilities include the Panasonic / Toyota Formula 1 project, World Rally Championship contenders and do special development work. Have links with development work for the ZZ30 roadster.

T-VIS = Toyota Variable Induction System. MORE

WI = Water injection. Modification used on turbocharged cars that sprays either a water or water/methanol mixture into the throttle body to cool the intake charge temperature. Allows a higher boost pressure without the risk of detonation.

Yamaha = Engine development partners of Toyota. Look for their name on your engines cambelt cover!

ZZ30 = Chassis code of the mark 3 MR2 roadster.

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