The Owners, Administrators, and Moderators are not responsible for any information on The MR2 Owners Club website that may cause you harm, your vehicle harm, or anyone else any harm. You use all information gathered on The MR2 Owners Club website at your own risk.

The MR2 Owners Club's primary interest is in providing MR2 owners with a forum database that helps members to maximise the enjoyment provided by ownership of the Toyota MR2 sports car. Whilst the club allows members to contribute subject matter of little or no relevance to the day-to-day ownership of the Toyota MR2, the club reserves the right to moderate all forum content.

The administrators and moderators routinely review the contents of the MR2 Owners Club forums, content that may be considered irrelevant, off topic and/or of no benefit will be removed at their discretion. The MR2 Owners Club site owner authorises these individuals to suspend, split or delete posts that, in their opinion are in breach of the MR2 Owners Club forum rules and/or contain to MR2 ownership without prior warning or formal notification. Suspended posts will be held on file for a short period of time before being automatically deleted. If any member witnesses forum content or activity that they feel is unsuitable, please bring it to the clubs attention by posting details in our 'Site Related' forum or use the "Report Post" button on the relevant post.

All membership is subject to review at any time.

General Rules:

No flaming of other members to incite or perpetuate a conflict or argument.

Members must not use the public forums to facilitate protracted disputes and/or differences of opinion.

ANY personal attacks or insulting name-calling will not be tolerated.

Profanity or racism directed to another member or put in an insulting manner will lead to suspension without warning.

Members must not bypass the forums internal word filter, by reformatting text in an attempt to trick the system.

No bombing forums or threads with pointless posts. Pointless posts are frowned upon.

Repeated posting to disrupt the forum is not allowed. Moderators will delete excessive posts as they see fit.

Members who abuse the aforementioned rules may receive a formal warning.

Bumping of posts is frowned upon and is liable to result in removal of the "Bump" without prior warning or formal notification.

Whilst we welcome feedback from our members, any attempt to deliberately incite unrest amongst our members and the club is frowned upon. Use of another forum to bring the club into disrepute will not be tolerated.

No linking or posting of pornographic or objectionable material. Objectionable material includes graphic gore or porn. We know it when we see it. Do not link to websites that are known to have porn, or gore or snuff pictures or videos, real or not. This is grounds for banning. Usage of our anything goes forum is still subject to this rule.

Do not impersonate other individuals or falsely represent yourself.

No excessive use of bold or other formatting in posts formatting should be used to emphasise parts of a post only not the whole post.

Do not use "text speak" on the forum.

Please do not post phone numbers of other members’ numbers in the forum. If you need to relay phone numbers to other members then please use the PM system. Posting your own phone number in the forums is permitted, but the club takes no responsibility for any abuse which may occur.

Registered Members:

May upgrade to full membership at any time to benefit from posting For Sale / Wanted requests and to have access to Full Member only sections of the forum and Insurance discount eligibility.

Full Members:

Avatars width can be no greater than 100 pixels, the height no greater than 100 pixels, and the file size no more than 10 KB

Only Full members are permitted to have a picture in their signature; the image must be no bigger than 80 by 350 pixels and 15kb in size. Full members can also include 5 lines of normal sized text (maximum size = 12) or less; this is to include any blank lines between the text.

For Sale / Wanted

Please use the Classifieds for all  "For Sale" or "Wanted" ads 

Do not post items "For Sale" or "Wanted" elsewhere on the website. This includes posts such as "Thinking of selling" or "How much is it worth?” Including details of items / cars in these types of threads will be considered an attempt to sell and therefore are liable to  be edited /removed or deleted without prior warning or formal notification.

Members may not use the Forum or Classifieds section to sell livestock of any nature.

Members may not use the Forum to direct other to any pages which they have a commercial interest in, these include commission or referral hyperlinks.

Members may not use the Forum or Classified section for commercial gain unless authorised as an official trader by MR2OC this includes linking to Ebay sales / shops.

Members may not use the Forum to direct others to contact them regarding their product or services unless authorised as an official trader by MR2OC.

Any linking/advertising which is deemed to be an attempt to promote an external website will be removed at the clubs discretion.

Members who wish to sell in bulk or provide a manufactured product / service but do not operate a formal business, must first become Authorised Traders.

Members may not use a "signature" with company information or any pricing information at the end of Forum messages, unless authorised as an official trader by MR2OC further details can be found via the following link: OC Trader

Members will not be permitted to have login names that are related to a business unless authorised as an official trader by MR2OC. 


Members who attend events either organised by the club or by another organisation ie JAE are asked to respect the venue and other clubs there, we want people to welcome MR2OC to these events. Anyone considered to be abusing this rule will be asked not to attend events as MR2OC member in future.


The club reserves the right to issue a formal warning by private message (PM) if any of the forum rules are not followed. Breaches of these rules will result in suspension / banning of the users account.

Members and visitors to the web domain are afforded access, in accordance with the websites terms of use, to the public and member forums without prior screening or approval.

The site owner therefore reserves the right to suspend and/or delete user accounts, without prior warning or notification, if the site owner feels that a users actions and/or activities are disruptive or detrimental to the clubs website forums or club organised events.

Any member that does not agree to be bound by this or any other forum rules should refrain from using this website or request that their account be deleted.

The club reserves the rights to edit / amend the rules as it deems fit.

The club reserves the right to suspend all website functions or to add or remove forum sub sections at any time.

Account deletion

Members can delete their account at any time by using this link   Any registration data held will be deleted. Note! any forum posts you make will be retained, but only the username used to make the posts will be visible, the username is not traceable to an individual

Account deletion is irreversible


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