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With well over 32,000 registered members and growing, MR2OC is one of the largest Toyota MR2 Owners Clubs in Europe and probably the world.

Like all clubs, our heart is our forums, where members chat about anything and everything, from the latest gadget they have just put in their MR2, to discussion on who won the last Apprentice. Our forums are busy and active, and our members welcome new faces. If you are an MR2 enthusiast, or just want to have some friendly chat with people of similar interests,  then the MR2OC forums are the place to visit.


But the MR2OC is much more than just a forum. In June 2009 we switched over to the second incantation of our club website. Our previous website had over 300,000,000 hits before the switch over, but the website itself wasn’t offering the flexibility required for such a large club. With the launch of the new site, we see many new features coming online, as well as all the popular features from the old site still staying.


Our new site offers traders and individuals opportunities to buy and sell through our marketplace. We have options for members to become an MR2OC Registered Trader, and advertise on our forums; Business can rent banner space and advertising packages; individuals can buy and sell their items in our classifieds section.


The new website offers a wealth of information and resource content. Not only are our forums bursting with interactive feedback, advice and tips; but also our ‘Know Your 2’ knowledge base contains a vast wealth of information useful to the MR2 enthusiast and amateur alike.


MR2OC has a great club spirit. Often our site has over 100 members actively online at any one time, and we rarely drop below 40. Forums, mean you’re never more than a few clicks away from company, and we find that a large proportion of our members become regular visitors on the site.


So we have a fabulous new website, and a great membership made up of great people ... but of course we are much more than just a website! Our members host and attend many ‘club meets’ right across the UK, and sometimes abroad. We regularly attend the large car exhibitions such as the Japanese Auto Extravaganza, as well as hosting our own local and national meets. Ask any of our members who have been to any of the club meets and they will tell you what a great and enjoyable time they are.


What Membership Types are Available?


1) FREE Registered User Membership! – Anyone at all can register on our site, completely free! You get access to most of the main sections on the site, including the forums. For the casual MR2 enthusiast who just wants to keep up to date occasional news etc, then just register on the site completely free.

2) FULL Membership! – For a small subscription fee  , you can become a Full Registered member of the MR2 Owners Club. Full members enjoy complete access to all of the sites facilities, as well as goodies/discounts and much more. Benefits include:

Access to Private Forums

Access to Classifieds Section

Access to Discounts Section


3) MR2OC Registered Trader – For a small subscription, members can upgrade their account to become a Registered Trader on this site. This option is idea for members who are part of a small business or trade service. This membership allows you to post commercial links in our forums linking to your business or website. You can now sell products and services directly through this site to our 20,000+ UK membership! Benefits include:


All the benefits of being a Full Registered Member

Status upgraded to “Trader” on all forums and website profiles

Ability to post commercial links on the forums

Ability to include commercial links in your avatar/signatures

Plus many more!


4) Moderators – A moderator is anyone who has been put into a position of trust within the club. They are the oil which keeps this busy engine turning, and many of them give up large amounts of their free time to make this club as good as it is. We have many kinds of moderators, doing a variety of jobs, the majority of which are forum moderators who work hard to keep our forums tidy and engaging. We are always looking for people to help out in many different ways. If you are able and enthusiastic, and think you have some time you can give up to help the club and this site, then please visit our forums and let us know.

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